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Cosmetics In Various Hemisphere

Nowadays, a variety of cosmetic products has been a lot of pop and of course all with the same goal. Namely beautify the face of the woman. Call it Sariayu, Mustika Ratu, Viva, and cosmetic products outside like Nyx, M.A.C and Oriflame. But as the cosmetic, it's good for us to know the history

In days of yore, most women do not know at all about beauty or makeup. Cosmetics was born from a tradition that is used on people of yore, such as rubbing their faces with soil, paint and so on. It is used to avoid the glare of the sun and also largely use it to hunt animals and hiding out of sight, and indeed when they put on the ground, paint, charcoal, and other, their faces being different. They also changed the body odor by smearing their bodies with animal urine. Although very primitive, practice is what gave rise to the ideas of cosmetics such as eyeliner and perfume. of cosmetics that we use, so we can better appreciate the cosmetics we got.Cosmetic plays a very big role in the advancement of human civilization from ancient civilizations to modern life. Cosmetics help change the way you look, still look pretty when the body is unhealthy and even allow human beings to express their religious beliefs.
Cosmetics In Various HemisphereAbout 12 thousand years ago the ancient Egyptians discovered the healing effects of perfume, so the cosmetics industry rose to a higher level and become an essential part of the belief of the ancient Egyptians. The god who is trusted by the community there honored with the massive use of cosmetics. Almost everyone using oil, eyeliner, and similar products to improve their appearance. Although some of the ingredients of cosmetic manufacture when it dangerous because it can make the facial skin peeling constantly, yet cosmetic appeal has not diminished.When it reaches Greece and Rome, cosmetics is quite popular, but is seen as a waste and does not need a lot of people. In Rome, there was a period when women were not considered beautiful if they do not wear cosmetics. This causes inflation and the rich women gamble to be able to buy expensive cosmetics from India and the Middle East. To combat this, the Roman Senate declared the law banning women look beautiful with nice cosmetics and clothing in all Roman cities.In other civilizations, cosmetics also received the same negative treatment from time to time. In China, for example, the general public if they are caught mengenakancat executed nails in public that when it is a privilege which only the rich people. While in Japan, noblewomen forbidden to appear in public without makeup cosmetics.While in Europe, the times they are currently Darkness cosmetics virtually disappeared from public view. Because it is a tradition of the prostitutes excessive use of cosmetics to hide age and enhance their appearance. When it for a long time, cosmetic abandoned by the majority of the European population. The king and queen make a public statement that the use of cosmetics is something that is inappropriate. Not only that, the officials of the Church to spread the belief that cosmetic only used by the infidel and devil worshipers, and for a long time just a stage actor who is allowed to use, but only during the show. Change finally happens after European soldiers returning from the Crusades in the Middle East, bringing home exotic products and new knowledge. Among these products, many kinds of cosmetics were first adopted only by the nobles and the upper classes. After the Renaissance managed to spread throughout Europe, cosmetics find their footing, but is still not accepted openly, except during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I in 1559 to 1603 in England.

A Brief History of Cosmetics

Since centuries ago, cosmetics have been used and known to the public. The results of anthropological research and investigation, arkiologi, and ethnology in Egypt and India prove their use of ingredients such as preservatives corpse aromatic salves and ointments, which is regarded as an early form of cosmetics that we know today. This suggests that future development of cosmetics.Other evidence such as 200 years ago, Cleopatra used milk as an immersion bath. He was so happy because the benefit of lactose milk for skin smoothness. Since that time the milk used some kind of cosmetics and medicine.

Nature is rich in medicinal plants, spices, etc., by people formerly used as a traditional cosmetics that they though traditionally anyway. For example spices, ginseng, etc., usually used as a mixed bath of the daughters of the king first. Until now the traditional cosmetics are also still preferred by most people because it is believed more natural and more healthy effect.Hippocrates (460-370 BC) and co-kawanya have an important role in the early history of the development of cosmetics and cosmetology modern through the basics of dermatology, diet, and exercise as a good medium for health and beauty, and some experts are actively involved in the development of cosmetics , among others, is Comelius Celcus, Discorides, and Galen, they are the experts who advance the science of dental hygiene, surgical Plastek, dermitologi, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.In the Renaissance (1300 - 1600), Many universities established in the UK, Northern Europe, Western Europe, and Eastern Europe and then at that time medical science increasingly comprehensive, up to then science kosmeti and kosmetikologi separated from medicine (Henri De Medovile, 1260-1325).Later known cosmetic science to apply makeup or decoration that is used for the treatment of pathological disorders of the skin, Until the year 1700 - 1900, the division is emphasized with Cosmetic treatment related to medical science and other sciences. For example dermatology, pharmacology, dental health, ophthal -mology, diet, and so on. This is where the concept of Cosmetology began laying, which is then developed in France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Italy.Cosmetics itself actually comes from the Greek "kosmetikos" which means the skills to decorate, set up, but in its development terms Cosmetic has been used by many businesses and professions brbeda, so understanding the cosmetics becomes so broad and vague, the term Cosmetology has been used since 1940 in English, French, German. The term is not the same for every profession who use it.In 1970 by Jellinek, cosmetology is defined as the science that studies the laws of physics, biology, and microbiology on the manufacture, storage, and use (application) cosmetics, then in 1997 Mitsui call cosmetology as cosmetic science is new, deeper and thorough.From the start of the 19th century, cosmetics began to receive attention, namely cosmetics not only for kencantikan, but also for health, development of cosmetic science and industry as a new massively dimaulai in the 20th century (Wall, Jellinek, 1970). Cosmetics become a business tool, even now with the advancement of technology, cosmetics becomes a fusion between cosmetics and drugs (Pharmaceutical), or frequently desebut medical cosmetic (cosmeticals).Since the last 40 years, the cosmetic industry is increasing, chemical industry provide many basic materials and active ingredients of cosmetics, quality and quantity of biological material to be used on the skin continues to increase, Many doctors are directly involved and increasing attention to the science of skin care (cosmetodermatology), and to build mutually beneficial cooperation with experts and specialists kecanikan cosmetics, for example in the case of the testing of raw materials or finished material, and the preparation of a formula based on the conception dermatology or health.

Origins Cosmetics

This modern world, it is not enough for us to just enjoy the fruits of technology, but we also have to always update our models and makeup, especially women, can not be overlooked. the world's research results about 95% of women always use cosmetics to beautify themselves meraka. nah, you know? from where the actual origin of these cosmetics? In the world of stylish as it is now, lipstick, lotions and more, is a habit that can not be left to the women. Cosmetics helps women from changing the look ordinary into the extraordinary.

The beginning :

In days of yore, most women do not know at all about beauty or makeup. the birth of cosmetics from a tradition that is used on people of yore, such as rubbing their faces with soil, paint and so on, it is used to avoid the glare of the sun and also largely use it to hunt animals and hiding out of sight, but seiting with the development when someone uses charcoal, dirt, paint etc, they look different, the appearance changes.

Various Regions that use Cosmetics in the Age of the past

    Jaman cosmetics in ancient Egypt
    In the era of ancient Egypt have been using a variety of cosmetics to their daily lives, especially in the kingdom. Wigs, perfumes, lipsticks and eyelinear. Their famous product is eyelinear which serves to reduce eye glare, prevent infection and add beauty to the eye.

    Cosmetics in the Age of ancient China
    In Ancient China, nails and hair are the main assets that must be treated. Clean nails, hair styled complex, is one of the characteristics of women in China. Only the ancient Chinese nobles who perform such treatments. And now it has become a worldwide trend of various circles and used by anyone.
    Cosmetics in the Age of ancient Greece and Rome
    In ancient Greece and Rome, is the hallmark of their fragrances. They usually bathed in a traditional concoction or Essential who can help their body scent. In modern times it has been turned into soap.

With the first cosmetics were developed, then comes the person skilled in the field of cosmetics (Cosmetologist) should know the different kinds of things in beautifying one's appearance. This modern world, the cosmetic is not foreign to our ears.